The Dark Magician Girl

If you are one of the millions who watched the cartoon series, then you probably already know about Yugi’s Dark Magician.  A few players reading this article may even have entire decks formed around Black Chaos or Dark Magicians.  In case you have done the latter, you will probably want to make sure you a particular card in your deck: The Dark Magician Girl.

The card can and may be the perfect card to compliment your magician based deck.  Why?  Because, Dark Magician Girl not only starts with 2000 attack power, but the card also gives a special ability.  The special ability is that it’s attack power is raised by 300 for every single magician card in either player’s graveyard, or both!

Think about going head to head against a player with a magician deck while you simultaneously use your own magician deck.  Playing this card after a few magician cards have hit the graveyard can help your Dark Magician Girl easily break 3000 attack power and become a super powerful monster.

The card might be a rare, but it can easily be worth paying more to get a hold of just to add to your duelist arsenal.

Clearly the actual Dark Magician card is still more powerful than “the girl version” since it has the same special ability in addition to being able to increase attack power for all dragon cards.  However, using both cards in combination can make either considerably stronger.  Owning one or the other should cause you to consider getting the other card since they compliment each other so well.

Even more powerful are the Chaos Magicians.  Despite the fact that these magicians have higher attack power, if you lose them in play they can each add 300 attack power to your Magician Girl.  Using these magicians first can be a strong way to open an attack while using your girl card to bat clean up after losing them, and make her comparably as strong as each of the Chaos Magicians.  Finally, you can follow up with a Dark Magician and have an attack power of 3700!

Clearly there are many ways to play these cards in combination and you are encouraged to try them out on your own.

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