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It all began in an era when watches were not created for fashion but for function. This was when Fossil watches were founded. The year was 1984 and Fossil began the design of Fossil watches for the fashion world. Fossil designed a brand image to lure those consumers that were attracted to fashion watches. This paid off very quickly for the company and Fossil became the leader in an industry that was now growing. There are more than three hundred styles of Fossil watches produced and the designs keep changing.

The designers at Fossil are constantly studying the new fashion trends, and this helps bring out unique and innovative products to markets. In 1992, Fossil expanded to fashion accessories and introduced leather goods for Him and Her. Belts, backpacks, wallets and key chains were its expertise. 1995, Fossil expanded even further and introduced eyewear. The unique eyewear was enough to capture the image of Fossil. At around the same time Fossil opened a large group of stores around the nation, and with this they created their distribution channel. 1996 was when the Fossil website was launched and was among the first retailers online and also opened many accessory outlets. 2000 Fossil’s apparel was introduced on-line and also through many larger company stores. This move was just a step for Fossil’s accessory market to strengthen with quality and style and for its continuous growth.

The reasons why these Fossil watches are so popular could be the fact that these timepieces are accessible to those in the middle-class. These wrist pieces are priced reasonably and Fossil watches can be found in most department stores and retail stores. Teenagers and other younger people find these watches popular for the well-known characters that these pieces are designed with. There are Fossil watches designed with Snoopy, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Green Lantern and many other well-known characters.

Another reason these pieces are popular is because of the watch’s interchangeable dials and adjustable straps so that it can fit any wrist perfectly. The multicolored straps and dials are extremely popular, and also perfect if you want your watch to match the outfit you are wearing. This is a demand in the world today. How great would it be to know that you can change the way your watch looks everyday without buying a new one?

There are so many Fossil watches available that are popular, and for many reasons, the problem that remains is which watch to choose when going out to buy one. No matter the occasion, there is a watch to suit that occasion. It will take some time to decide on which one of these popular watches to own, but rest-assured that after you have purchased one you will not regret ever having it. Fossil has been around for over 20 years and they are still producing wristwatches and accessories that keep them on top in its class and ahead of its competitors in this time of age.

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