Siniša Mali

Ministar finansija Siniša Mali imenovan je za predsednika Koordinacionog tela za sprečavanje pranja novca I finansiranje terorizma. Mali je na ovu funkciju postavljen uprkos sumnjama da je učestvovao u pranju para, o čemu je ranije pisao KRIK. Piše: Bojana Jovanović Malog je na poziciju predsednika koordinacionog tela Vlada imenovala prošlog četvrtka, a na njoj je […]

Benefits and Concerns of Online Shopping

We are an over 7 years’ online shoes, apparel, handbags and fashion accessories wholesale and retail shop, we have been doing the survey of online shopping and thinking lots of questions of online shopping, the most popular question is what are the benefits and concerns of online shopping? Some of the products may only obtainable […]

Der Zweiteiler – Wunsch nach Meer

Der heiß herbeigesehnte Urlaub, auf welchen ihr euch wirklich so enorm gefreut habt, steht nun bevor? Oder fiebert ihr einem gelassenen Wochenende mit eurem Herzblatt entgegen? Es mangelt euch bloß noch am entsprechenden Outfit zum lässigen Bräunen oder die frische Abkühlung im Schwimmbad. Wer seine vormaligen Modelle vom vorangegangenen Jahr gegen die neuartigen Bikinis von […]

Perfect Wealth Formula – Business Review

Perfect wealth formula offers people an opportunity to create a network of like minded individuals, that can then use the Perfect Wealth Formula of marketing to increase their earning potential on the internet. Compared to other similar marketing formulas, the perfect wealth formula allows members to keep 100% of their sales and ensures that no […]

How to Respond to Google Reviews

Responding To Google Reviews & Trusted ReviewsHow to respond to Google reviews is one of the most popular and commonly asked questions by business owners. Reviews that customers leave for your business on Google can dramatically affect whether they choose to use your services or your pick your competitor instead. Positive reviews make it easier […]

Gestational and Traditional Surrogacy

Couples battling with fruitlessness may utilize certain methods and administrations to enable them to accomplish their fantasy of considering, for example, the utilization of a surrogate bearer. There are two types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is the most widely recognized sort of surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate bearer isn’t […]

salmo 91

Throughout the years Psalm 91 has been affectionately alluded to as the foxhole Psalm, and in light of current circumstances. Through innumerable wars officers have gone to Psalm 91 for support and solace. Officers have discussed it, asked it, admitted it. Indeed, even relatives of those fighters were doing likewise. Why go to Scripture? Confidence […]