Caffeine drink for being a better nurse at the hospital

caffeine-free energy drinks to keep you going

There will always be days you will need a pick-me-up even if you had enough sleep the night before. Instead of having your daily cup of coffee and those unhealthy sugar-laden energy drinks, why not try these alternatives and discover the differences it can make to your busy workday.

Here are healthy drinks that will give you the boost you need:

1. Turmeric latte

A healthy alternative to coffee, turmeric latte has gained its popularity earlier this year, as it was reportedly full of health benefits having been used medicinally in South Asia since thousands of years ago. Swap your coffee with a turmeric latte and enjoy having better skin, less muscle pain, and reduced cholesterol. Also, the curcumin found in turmeric helps to repair stem cells in the brain, is linked to anti-cancer properties and also appears to reduce depression.

2. Coconut water

Coconut water is an isotonic drink full of electrolytes and is ideal for proper hydration. It is widely popular in tropical countries as a refreshing drink that promotes many health benefits such as promoting regular bowel movements, weight loss and reduces blood pressure. The high level of minerals and potassium greatly boost energy levels and is a great alternative to energy drinks. You can either drink it on its own or blend it with other fruits to make a tasty smoothie. Coconut water is in some of the help energy drink flavors for taste and performance.

3. Acai berry drinks

One of the healthiest berries is acai berry as it is rich in antioxidants and has been known to boost your energy and immune system. It also promotes healthier skin, weight loss, and better digestion. As acai contains Vitamin B, potassium, protein and fatty acids, it can lead to an overall increase in stamina and helps to combat fatigue. Try it on its own or in ready-made drinks but be sure to check the label for low sugar levels.

4. Green juices

When prepared in the right combinations, green juices can help you to rehydrate well and fight against fatigue. The green pigment in leafy greens, chlorophyll, helps oxygenate the blood, creating increased brain function and physical energy. Grab a handful of kale, spinach, stalks of celery and a large cucumber to blend together into a delightful morning green juice. Other ingredients will be adding green apples to sweeten it or lemon to spice it up a little.

5. Wheatgrass shots

Other than green juices, wheatgrass shots are another green drink you need to get into your system. As one of the best sources of living chlorophyll, wheatgrass is an effective healer as it contains loads of vitamins and protein. Not only does it neutralize toxins in the body, it purifies the liver, reduces fat and improves blood sugar problems, giving the body the energy boost that it needs. A shot of wheatgrass daily is all it takes to give you that lift.

6. Traditional Chinese drinks such as ginseng

A popular herbal medicine in the world, ginseng is known to aid your body in adapting stress and boost your energy levels. There are many types of ginseng with different levels of benefits and the Siberian ginseng, known as eleuthero, is the best in combating your fatigue. Due to its strong benefits, ginseng is advised to be taken in 200 and 400 milligrams doses daily and not taken with certain medicines such as antidepressants.

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