The 2016 Guide to Juicy Couture Tracksuits Outlet


By now you’ve probably heard that a Juicy Couture tracksuit revival is upon us—that the beloved early-aughts ensemble is poised for a triumphant return, and that velour will once again be a key term in the fashion lexicon. And it’s true: #trackisback.

With a range of cheap Juicy Couture separates now exclusively available through the 100% Bloomingdale’s collection, you can shop the trend right this second—be it for the first time, or to add to a collection you started during the original tracksuit heyday.

For nostalgia’s sake, we’ve rounded up some throwback shots of celebs in their now-iconic tracksuits, and added a few recent sightings for modern-day styling inspiration as you peruse the current offerings. Here’s to welcoming our first athleisure love back into the fray.