Paris Hilton admits she still wears cheap Juicy Couture tracksuits


We were also busy texting and running out of credit on our Nokia 3200. You know, the one with the flashing lights?

A large percentage of our time was also spent glued to our TV screens watching the The Simple Life, the pre-Kardashian era’s answer to reality TV.

The show featured original socialites, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, pretending to be friends and trying their hand at regular, everyday activities such as mucking out a cow shed in stilettos.


It was bizarre but pretty bloody hilarious. One thing we totally loved about the show was Paris’ sartorial flare.

Her outfits largely consisted of RaRa skirts, vest tops and over-sized sunglasses. But it was her off-duty Juicy Couture tracksuits that really stole the show.


She appeared to have one in every colour and we tried to our best to make our rip-off versions look just as glam.

Now it seems 2003 lives on forever in Paris’ world, as she recently revealed her love for all things velour and Juicy Couture outlet is alive and well.

“I love Juicy sweatsuits. I’ve never stopped wearing them,” she explained in an interview with Vogue.

“I think they’re so comfortable and I love the colours. They’re great for travelling or just chilling at your house,” she continued.


Brb, we’re off to dig out our Uggs and fave velour trackies.

In other Paris Hilton news (Yes, there’s more), Kim Kardashian recently broke her social media silence to follow her frenemy Paris on Instagram. Maybe she was looking for some Juicy Couture fashion inspo?

Kim’s assistant also hinted at a return to social media as she shared the most glamorous throwback pictures we’ve ever seen on Kim’s website.